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TGL Properties - 1222 Western Ave. Chillicothe Ohio 45601.

Location, Location, Location...

Advetise your business on our Digital Billboard starting in June of 2022. We will be offering different packages from 1 month to a year and more. Get your business's name seen to around 18,000 cars daily.

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Beth Gerber-Gawelek

Who We are

We Are TGL Properties, LLC.

TGL Properties does business as TGL Direct, Chillicothe Market and Chillicothe Ads. We are locally owned. Our online retial store, selling home goods. We currtly run the Chillicothe Market located at 1222 Western Ave. Next is our Chillicothe Ads also located at 1222 Western Ave.

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Daily Traffic 2020

In 2020 - 1222 Western Ave had an Annual Average Daily Traffic between 12,609 to 18,415 Per Day..

Daily Traffic 2020

Daily Traffic 2021

In 2021 - 1222 Western Ave had an Annual Average Daily Traffic between 13,214 to 19,299 Per Day..

Daily Traffic 2021

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Our Neighbors

Chillicothe Ads is surrounded by some high traffic businesses.

  • Kroger

    A parking lot that is rarely empty.

  • McDonalds

    Constent flow of daily traffic.

  • Taco Bell

    They sell tacos.

  • Burger King

    Home of the Whopper.

  • CVS Pharmacy

    All your daily needs and right next door!

  • Western Ave.

    13-19 Thousand cars daily. (2021)