Comparing Chillicothe Ads vs Lamar vs Key-Ads

Below is a comparison chart. Compare our pricing and features with Lamar and Key-Ads.

Chillicothe Ads Lamar Key-Ads
Sides Included 2 Sides 1 Side 1 Side
Monthly Cost $500/m $1,250/m $1,500/m
Average Daily Traffic 19,000 (2 Sides)
Price Per Car $0.0009 /m
$0.0033 Savings (Lamar)
$0.0016 Savings (Key-Ads)
10,000 (1 Side)
Price Per Car $0.0042 /m
20,000 (1 Side)
Price Per Car $0.0025 /m
Savings Per Month Savings
60% Savings (Lamar)
67% Savings (Key-Ads)
60% More
Than ChillicotheAds
67% More
Than ChillicotheAds
Ads Per Slot Multiple
No Extra Cost!
- -
Ad Design No Extra Cost! - -
Locally Owned
$500/m $1250/mo $1500/mo